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About Brad

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Who are you?

I’m Brad Bizjack! I’m 30 years old and live in Chicago, IL with my wife, Janiece, and Oliver, our miniature cockapoo! We're college sweethearts and we've been happily married since June 2017 and are expecting a little girl in fall 2020! 

What do you do?

I help you break through all the obstacles getting in your way of an amazing life. It's that simple. There's a reason everything you try isn't working as well as you'd like. I show you how to get out of your own way and close the gap between where you are and where you really want to be. In other words, I help you breakthrough everything holding you back from an incredible life on your terms.   

How do I know you can help me?

We're more similar than you think! 

80,000 dollars in loans earned me a degree in Economics from the University of Illinois and a job as an Assistant Merchant for a massive clothing retailer near Columbus, OH. Even though I rationalized why it was so great, I secretly hated it. 

No dig on corporate. I just wasn't personally fulfilled. I was so sick of seeing my parents call, knowing they'd ask about work, and my response was always, "eh... It's okay..." 

I knew I had greatness in me just like you, but every time I tried to change my life, I was stopped in my tracks. I started an at-home fitness business with an amazing company in the network marketing industry.

On the outside, it looked like I had my sh*t together and had a great life, but on the inside, I was ashamed that Facebook made my life seem WAY better than it was.

  • "Retire by 30" was turning into a joke and I started to wonder if I should just settle for my "safe" corporate job.
  • Even though I wanted my life to change, I'd procrastinate with 4 hours of funny cat videos, Ellen-Tube, or binge-watching Breaking Bad.
  • At 23, even though I was earning a good income, it never seemed like enough to break free from student loan debt & create a better lifestyle than my parents (always too much month at the end of the money).
  • I remember writing "Earn $100,000 in income by July 12, 2014," and instantly hearing that little devil on my shoulder laughing at me. The same thing happened again in 2015... and again in 2016... 

For years, I couldn't figure out what was holding me back. I just spun my wheels. I'd work my ass off, then procrastinate in a self-loathing Netflix binge. Then I'd find motivation again. Then I'd get depressed when my life STILL wasn't moving forward. 

Luckily I realized that if I was ever gonna live a life on my own terms, I needed to learn how to:

  • face the darkest parts of my past and make them mean something empowering.
  • eliminate the negative self-talk that dominated my mind.
  • actually believe that I was enough to achieve my dreams. 

It took me 5 YEARS to learn what I'll teach you in 1 month. I've seen both sides. And now I wake up with passion every day. My default setting is hunger, passion, and genuine happiness.

So, I get it. We might not have the same situation. But I can relate to the feeling of knowing I’m meant for so much more but being held back, never breaking through no matter how hard I try, and not knowing why.

I can teach you how to change it. Because I did it. 

Why should I care?

Life's meant to be lived, not wasted. You have 1 shot at this life. You don't control the length of your life, but you do control its depth and it's meaning.

98% of people settle for mediocrity. They give into fear and hold back because they never figured out how to break through the mental garbage getting in their way.


You're part of the 2% who believes you’re meant for more. Where you're currently at HURTS and you don't want to stay there. But it's not in your blood to give up. You'll find a way. 

Because at 85 years old, you don't want to regret never going for it. Settling for status-quo is exactly what you’re trying to escape from.

But there IS SOMETHING getting in your way. I know exactly what it is. And it doesn't need to take you 5 years to figure it out. I can show you how to change it this month. 

If you find yourself another month down the road with the same results (again), all you'll feel is regret. THAT'S why you should care. 

Tell me some weird/fun things about you…

  • I call my wife "Squirrel" and she calls me "Tater Tot." Weird, I know.  
  • Favorite TV character: Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec. 
  • Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad. 
  • I’m definitely a big romantic (I'm always coming up with creative gestures to blow my wife's mind).
  • Finding Nemo, The Conjuring, Lone Survivor and Bad Boys 2 are some of my favorite movies.
  • I'm obsessed with nature! Every year, I go to at least 1 new national park for a week and hike some of the most beautiful trails in the world. 

How did you get started in business?

I was a professional network marketer for 5 years helping people across the United States and Canada with their health and wellness. After 9 months of being business, I left my corporate role to pursue my home-business full time.

It was wonderful! I could work from anywhere in the world, help thousands of people, and never have to miss a memory with my friends or family. 

But there was just 1 problem. My business was failing. I was earning 1/4 of what I was making in the corporate world even though I was promoting a "life by design." I felt like a fraud. 

So I tried to beat it. I spent thousands of hours reading books and tens of thousands of dollars attending seminars or taking courses just trying to piece together how to finally break through everything holding me back. It took 5 years, but finally, I figured it out. 

Other network marketing teams started asking me to come in and speak to their group about how I mastered my mindset. People fell in love with my talks and I would get at least 1-2 requests every week to help a new group finally break through everything holding them back. After another year, I was flying across the country a couple times a year to give talks to hundreds of people at our company's quarterly event. 

That's when I realized I was meant to make an EVEN BIGGER impact. I realized I'm meant to help people reach their full potential in EVERY part of their life, instead of just their fitness. 

So I pursued it. I created Appreciation Academy, which gives you the 5 years of growth I experienced in less than 1 month. I realized how SIMPLE changing your life can be. You probably don't realize that you're just 1 MILLIMETER away from completely changing the course of your life. It just takes 1 change in perspective for your life to take a completely different direction. 

My courses teach you exactly what I spent 5 years learning and MUCH more! 

Regardless if your goal is to quit your job and start your dream business, find the perfect 9-5 for you, or attract the love of your life, it doesn’t need to take you years to figure it out. I’ve already spent that time. You can learn the exact process I went through to break through everything holding you back right now.

When you apply it, you'll change your life way faster than mine ever did. That's a promise. 

Alright man, I need this. I’m ready to work with you. What's next?

I'm tellin ya: Join Appreciation Academy! In 30 days, you'll have all the tools you need to completely escape mediocrity, breakthrough everything holding you back and live the life you ACTUALLY want to live. It’s the complete roadmap/ the day-to-day system to create an incredible life on YOUR terms. I'm so confident that your life will change, that I even offer a 60 day, no questions asked, guarantee.

It's time to break free. The future you're meant to experience is waiting for you. 

Learn about Appreciation Academy by clicking here! 


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